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"And eat what Allah has provided you lawful and pure,
And fear Allah in whom you believe."-(Qu'ran-5:88)
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On April 1st, 2009
BSTI was directed to take necessary steps to provide Halal certification

On Nov.1, 2010
Malaysian is making negotiations with Bangladesh to import halal meat

On 11/10/2010
The Bangladesh government has moved to form a high-profile committee to recommend ways to establish a board for certification for halal foods

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About HALAL Bangladesh
The first Halal certification company in Bangladesh, which is registered under the Joint Stock Companies & Firms, Bangladesh and it’s been accredited by most of the Halal Certification Authorities around the world.

Halal Bangladesh Services Ltd. is an independent organization, which is incorporated under the Companies Act (Act XVIII) of 1994 and approved by the Ministry of Commerce, Government of Bangladesh, having Trade License from the Authority, enlisted with Chamber of Commerce, to do Survey & testing of Halal components, Issuing of Halal Compliance Certification, and to deal in Halal Food & Beverage, Cosmetics, Drugs & medicines, wearing-apparels, other consumable & useable products and services, Independent auditing and monitoring product compositions and carry out activities/offering services regarding Social, environmental, geographical & regional compliance, sources & place of production compliance and Certify as per Halal concept.

Promote healthy& hygiene food preparation, handling and serving processes, promoting halal friendly tourism, halal friendly medical treatments, halal products supply chain processes & logistics. Promote and certify Islamic finance, bonds, insurance, stocks etc. Thereby, we ensure that the Halal consumers and the Service providers derive benefits from that which is lawful and good as per Shariah Law.

We have incorporated the latest pattern of Certification process with Global standard in Formulating, designing, scheduling and implementing the entire system of Halal Certification process. In doing so we have an established and thriving State of the Third Party Vendor’s Art-Technology Laboratory with full fledged Call Centre facility, SMS services with 24 hours Hotline services at all time.
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