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"And eat what Allah has provided you lawful and pure,
And fear Allah in whom you believe."-(Qu'ran-5:88)
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On April 1st, 2009
BSTI was directed to take necessary steps to provide Halal certification

On Nov.1, 2010
Malaysian is making negotiations with Bangladesh to import halal meat

On 11/10/2010
The Bangladesh government has moved to form a high-profile committee to recommend ways to establish a board for certification for halal foods

Halal Guide
Understanding Halal
Our Objcetives
  1. To survey & inspect the goods & services to determine those are produced and served as Halal.
  2. To offer Halal Certification, Issuing of Halal Compliance Certification, Independent auditing, testing and surveying the goods and services in accordance with Islamic Sharia Law.
  3. To Promote Halal Friendly Tourism, Halal Medical Tourism, and other services.
  4. To deal in Muslim Permitted (Halal) Foods/drinks, Cosmetics, Drugs/medicines, wearing apparels, and other consumable & useable products/items and services.
  5. To carry out activities/offering services regarding Social compliance, environmental, geographical & regional compliance as per Halal concept.
  6. To execute Halal shipments, Halal transportation, Halal logistics, Halal distribution, Halal warehousing/Cold Storage, freight forwarding, customs clearing & forwarding, freight brokerage.
  7. To do Indenting, act as local representative of foreign principals and also agent/distributor on behalf of traders, exporter, importer, manufacturer and industries to sell and promote their products & services in Bangladesh and/or overseas market as required.
  8. To establish our own Testing Laboratory.
  9. To join or to make agreement with other company
    1. Who are engaged or having their Testing Laboratory to do the testing of our sample/products etc.
    2. Who have State of the Third Party Vendor’s Art-Technology Laboratory for our clients need, either at home or abroad, as required.
  10. To popularize and acceptable to all people, especially among the Muslim community all over the country and around the world the Theme and our Slogan “Halal-A Way of Hygienic Life-Style.”
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