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"And eat what Allah has provided you lawful and pure,
And fear Allah in whom you believe."-(Qu'ran-5:88)
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On April 1st, 2009
BSTI was directed to take necessary steps to provide Halal certification

On Nov.1, 2010
Malaysian is making negotiations with Bangladesh to import halal meat

On 11/10/2010
The Bangladesh government has moved to form a high-profile committee to recommend ways to establish a board for certification for halal foods

Halal Guide
Understanding Halal

Providing Services

  • Halal Certification(Food & beverage, pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Leather, clothing, cleaning, storage, distribution & logistics and manufacturing premises, etc)
  • Food Hygienic Process
  • Permitted Food Training & Awareness
  • Food Exposition / Road Show
  • International Consulting Services
  • Halal friendly tourism & living.
  • Halal friendly medical treatments
  • Islamic banking , Finance and related services
  • F & B quality standards
  • To educate hygienic food safety process in local restaurants, canteens, catering services.
  • To promote Bangladesh food products in global markets & facilitate a B2B trades between manufacturers & distributors around the world.
  • Establish Halal awareness programs between Muslim & non-Muslims in Bangladesh.

Why ceritfication with us?

  • Policies and Standards
  • Alliances & Mutual Recognition around the World
  • Certification Integrity
  • Training Programs and Workshops
  • Awareness & Communication
  • Food Safety testing
  • Certifications of Competency, authority, credibility

Certification - Relevance To Your Business

  • Halal Bangladesh Services Ltd. Certification is becoming more relevant in today's market mainly because people are more aware of the Halal concept. It is not just about religious related matters but it extends to the products or services being deemed safe for consumption as well as have health benefits.
  • In today's booming Halal industry, many businesses are seeking to have their Products (food & non food), Premises, Factories, Merchandise and Services to be Halal certified.
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