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"And eat what Allah has provided you lawful and pure,
And fear Allah in whom you believe."-(Qu'ran-5:88)
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On April 1st, 2009
BSTI was directed to take necessary steps to provide Halal certification

On Nov.1, 2010
Malaysian is making negotiations with Bangladesh to import halal meat

On 11/10/2010
The Bangladesh government has moved to form a high-profile committee to recommend ways to establish a board for certification for halal foods

Halal Guide
Understanding Halal
Mowlana Syed Mohammad Abu Noman
Principal- Baitush Sharof Adarsha Kamil ( M.A) Madrasah. Chittagong.

Academic Qualification:
  1. Dakhil (1st Division)
  2. Alim (2nd Division)
  3. Fazil (1st Class 13th )
  4. Kamil (Hadith) -1st Class
  5. Kamil (Fikha) 2nd Class
  6. B.A. (Hons) 1st Class 5th
  7. M.A.-1st Class 5th
  8. Ph.D. (Research Fellow in progress,Chittagong University)

Present Profession:
  1. Principal- Baitush Shar of Adarsha Kamil ( M.A) Madrasah. Chittagong.
  2. Chairman Hajarat Khadijatal Kabra Education Trust.
  3. Executive Chairman Ahlush sunnah Al-Janate Bangladesh.
  4. Chairman AL-Falah Trust Chittagong.
  5. Chairman Bangladesh Madrasah Sikkakh parished Chittagong Division.
  6. Chairman Darut tawhid Al- Islamia lahagara Chittagong.
  7. Chief Adviser Imam Abu Hanifa Madrasah Fatickchari.
  8. Examiner of Kamid Hadith Islamic University Kushtia Bangladesh.
  9. Member of Madrasah Board Islamic University Kushtia Bangladesh .
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